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Folding door wardrobe with shutter door


Folding door wardrobe with shutter door

High-end and Modern Image brings New Bedroom Landscape

  • Adjust the light and ventilation: in the night, the door can prevent indoor light from exposure to outdoor; In winter, sunshine can be introduced to make the room bright and warm. Summer can shade strong sunshine while ensuring ventilation, the air in the room is fresh and cool.

    Energy saving and tempering: to prevent indoor warm air from flowing outdoors in winter to enhance the efficacy of air conditioning and warm air; In summer, it will block the direct sunlight and improve the cooling effect of air conditioning.

  • Privacy protection: by adjusting the Angle of the blade surface, it can obstruct the view from above or below. If you want to obstruct the following line of sight, you should push the convex surface of the leaf to the side of the room. If you want to block the above attention, the opposite is true.
    Sound insulation, prevent ultraviolet ray: compared with common door and window, the sound insulation performance of shutter door is increased 70% above, in the hot summer day, can block 95% above ultraviolet ray.
  • Easy DIY Installation makes everyone Joinery

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