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Brief Introduction of Yekalon Curtain Wall


1. Who is Yekalon Curtain Wall? 

Yekalon Curtain Wall is established to serve Yekalon Group's  mission of one-stop solution provider for especially project clients, and satisfyneeds ofnot only interior decoration but also scientific, qualified and fashionableexterior decoration. For now, It has 20 years experience in Aluminum & Glazing works in China, and has about 16 years experience in serving the global market.  With the support of Yekalon Group and its 

excellent platform, Yekalon Curtain Wall has undergone steady and rapid growth.  We have worked successfully with more than 500 developers and architects in the world. More than 150 high-rise buildings were constructed with our products and service. 

2. What does Yekalon Curtain Wall Supply? 

Yekalon Curtain Wall provides building facade solutions to clients. Our multidisciplinary approach and global experience in curtain wall engineering consistently deliver exceptional solutions that are practical, scientific and budget-conscious.  Our products include traditional stick-built curtain wall system and unitized curtain wall system. Besides, we can also satisfy needs of different materials like glass panels, stone panels, aluminum panels and terracotta panels. Our experienced technical team can integrate different materials to accommodate the look that you want to achieve.

3. Yekalon Curtain Wall Offers More Than Products

Yekalon Curtain Wall is available to support developers and specifiers at every step of the way, from design to installation. Besides high quality products, more importantly, we provide one-stop service to help our clients until the building is completed. Yekalon Curtain Wall team actively participate in the early stage of the development process with our customers to customize curtain wall design. For everyone in Yekalon Curtain Wall, it is important to think more for our customers.