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Yekalon MEPF Integrated Services: Energy-efficient and Cost-saving


The MEPF systems play a vital role in every design. It’s like the central nervous system of a building, supporting all the other features of the property. 

Before construction, troubleshooting issues is needed before they post any threats or risks, to reduce building costs, and create a better environment for the building.

Yekalon has specialized in the hospitality and real estate industry since 1997. Yekalon has served more than 100,000 projects in over 200 countries and regions and can help you solve problems during project construction.

01 Features of Yekalon One-stop MEPF Services:

● Professional and Considerate to Give Clients Peace of Mind

● Unique Insights and Rich Experience to Help Clients Avoid Detour

● Cost-efficient and Low Maintenance or Upgrade Fee

● Strict Adherence to Drawings, Local Codes, and Standards

● Engineers with Superb Creativity and Effective Communication

Yekalon can review your building water supply and drainage system, electricity system, ventilation system, ELV system, fire-fighting system, and ICT system to offer coordination advice to help remove MPEF conflicts. Yekalon can also offer you MEPF drawing review, coordinating MEPF design with architecture to help you reduce later modification and rework.

If you need any services, you are welcome to contact Yekalon MEPF professionals.

Contact Yekalon Now:

Tel: 0086-755-25160926




02 Thorough MEPF Design Services

☆ Jobsite Investigation & Measurement

☆ Project Design & Conflicts Resolution

☆ Mechanical Drawings & Design

☆ Product Recommendation

☆ Quality Control & Installation Guidance

☆ Cost Optimization & Logistics Services

☆ Other Value-added Services (Future Upgrade/Project Support)

Yekalon also offers services for interior and architectural design. Additionally, Yekalon provides a wide range of design services for your real estate and hospitality projects, such as MEPF design, ELV & ICT design, commercial kitchen design, laundry design, etc. Last but not least, Yekalon has everything you need to implement your projects effectively, including building materials, products, furnishings, and equipment. In any case, you can save time and money with Yekalon's expert one-stop project solutions.

Yekalon Jobsite Investigation & Measurement

Yekalon HVAC Auxiliary Material Layout Drawing

Yekalon Loading and Delivery Services

Yekalon Installation Guidance During Construction

03 MEPF Product and Equipment Supply

Main Products of HVAC System

Main Products of Electrical System

Main Products of Plumbing & Drainage System

Main Products of Fire Fighting System

Should you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact Yekalon MEPF professionals for help: 

Tel: 0086-755-25160926  

Fax: 0086-755-25419568





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