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One-stop Product and Equipment Procurement from Yekalon


Yekalon has specialized in the hospitality and real estate industry since 1997. With 26 years of experience and more than 100,000 projects worldwide, Yekalon has unique insights to help global clients implement their projects with a tremendous amount of building materials, products, furnishings, and equipment, as well as sound recommendations and project solutions to assist clients with project operation and ROI improvement. 

Yekalon is dedicated to helping global project owners and developers land their real estate and hospitality projects successfully by providing one-stop product solutions, winning high recognition and a high reputation. 
Advantages of Yekalon
Specially, Yekalon can also provide one-stop product solutions and design services to the below categories.

Yekalon will assist global customers throughout their projects with its integrated product solutions, meeting global clients requirements for the perfect supplier of a project:

● First-rate products for the best project results possible
● Readily available stock (flooring, hospitality supplies, etc.)
● Full custom services to meet clients’ needs
● 10,000+ sqm showroom and product factories to check products and get samples beforehand
● Pre-loading calculations, cost optimization suggestions, and appropriate packing
● Enough follow-up on delivery logistics to prevent a delay as possible
● Adhere to required sourcing certification, standards, and local codes
● Effective communication team to understand projects’ precise requirements & prioritize clients’ needs
● Professional product recommendations, product plan and optimization advice

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Yekalon has industry-leading raw materials and machinery for wooden products such as doors, flooring, cabinets, and HDF/MDF (products). Also, Yekalon will conduct strict control during the whole process, from scientific planting to product production, quality inspection, performance test, and logistics services.
Example of HDF Product Workflow

With its 400,000 sqm vertically integrated ecological industry park, Yekalon can therefore produce its own wooden doors and other wooden products. This allows it to surpass many other building material manufacturers and suppliers in terms of the high standard of its products, because the quality of the wood directly influences the craftsmanship, texture, and quality of the products.

Yekalon Integrated Ecological Industry Park
Yekalon’s Forestry

Yekalon even owns forestry to grow the raw wood to meet high product standards. It wants complete control of what it manufactures. From natural wood to shipping out of finished products, it means business.

Yekalon’s Team in the Production Base

Yekalon's wooden products production line is constantly improving to meet clients’ needs. Yekalon introduced the most advanced continuous press production line from the world's machinery leader "Siempelkamp" from Germany in 2016. This is Asia's first ultra-thin and ultra-high-speed fiberboard intelligent factory production line.

Choosing Yekalon can be absolutely beneficial as you can find all things needed for your projects in one place, saving you time and energy.

Besides product and equipment supply, Yekalon offers other project supports to help clients better implement their projects.

☆ Strict quality control & precise logistics calculation
☆ Product recommendation and design
☆ Professional suggestions for optimization or modification
☆ Market survey & display guidance for better product strategy
☆ Marketing support (product display renderings, logo, posters, staff training, etc.)
☆ Other Value-added Services (Future Upgrade/Project Support)

Should you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact Yekalon product experts for help:

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Tel:+86 755 2516 0926

Fax: 0086-755-25419568



Address: 3rd Floor, Building B (office) and C (showroom), Golden Apple innovation park, Ganli 2nd Road, Longgang District, 518112, Shenzhen, China